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The Launchpad Tulsa

A place where business takes flight

Who We Are

The Launchpad was created by veteran entrepreneurs to help small and budding businesses grow their companies. We provide budget-friendly startup office space and coworking benefits that spur innovation and expansion.

The principal pilot behind The Launchpad is Dave Yonce, co-founder of Solarwinds and inventor of the Icybreeze portable air conditioner. Dave has appeared on numerous television programs related to business and entrepreneurship – including ABC’s Shark Tank and the Discovery Channel’s American Made Inventors.

Adam Akins is The Launchpad operations manager. Adam is co-owner of Inhouse Advertising of Tulsa. He has also served as a senior Account Executive at multiple media companies throughout Tulsa and has connections across the city.

A Building for Business

The Launchpad is located in Yorktown Place, a Tulsa office building with solid roots as a base for launching business.

Several massively successful companies have called Yorktown Place home. The building was once the technology hub and headquarters for EasyTEL, Tulsa’s premier provider of business internet and phone services. EasyTEL was eventually sold to Cox Communications.

Solarwinds, a multi-billion dollar software company was founded in Tulsa and spent its formative years in the Yorktown Place office building, before going public in 2009. After spending six years on the New York Stock Exchange, Solarwinds was taken into private ownership for $4.5 billion.

Co-founder of Solarwinds, Dave Yonce, still owns Yorktown Place.

Yorktown Place - Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Large office spaces and office suites also available.